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About Us

Our head office is located in Ibadan, Nigeria. With its intensive agriculture and livestock farming, it has a reputation for high quality and affordable raw materials which we use in our natural products. We work with a passionate and committed team, maintaining intensive relationships with our customers. Together with our local partners, we are always looking for the best composition, presentation and packaging of our products. This allows us to meet local requirements regarding crops, soil, climate, application methods and distribution.

Agricology products are based on raw materials from poultry manure, selected with the utmost care. In the production process, we mix the raw materials with extra organic or mineral additives, if requested. Subsequently, these are composted and/or dried, and processed into pellets, granules, crumbs or mixtures.

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Address4  Anike Plaza N0 1 Nickdel road, Alegongo bus stop, Akobo Ojurin. Ibadan.

  • +2348032205222