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Agricology specialises in processing chicken and cow manure to high-quality pressed composted organic fertilizer pellets and granulate.Based on the high content of organic material, Komeco organic fertilizer improves the structure and moisture-absorbing capacity of the soil, increases fertility and preserves the balance of natural soil systems. The principle of ‘slow release’, whereby the slowed down release of nutrients with a long-term effect and high effectiveness takes place, ensures a steady and continuous feed flow.Komeco uses an innovative composting technique, which was developed internally. The organic fertilizer is composted in a biological manner, ensuring the full killing of germs, undesired mould or bacteria and (oil-containing) weed seeds. The favourable N-P-K-values and the fact that these are fully weed-free and odor-free resulting from the composting process, as well as the structure and the improvement of the moisture-absorbing capacity of the soil based on the high level of organic matter, ensure that the Agricology organic fertilizer pellets and granulate are of the very best quality.

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  • +2348032205222